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Image Mapping Utility in title

PinPoint Image Mapping Utility Easily and quickly design interactive Client-Side or Server-Side Image Maps for Inter/IntraNet display. PinPoint dynamically...
Size: Evaluation
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Static Server-Side server-side PowerPoint server side  
Advance Image Mapping Software Advance image mapping software is economical tool that enable user to create and export image maps to web page. Html graphics mapper application contains interactive GUI that helps user in operating f
Size: -
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Halo: Combat Evolved mapping tools utility Simplify the process of creating maps for Halo: Content Evolved.
Size: 1.55M
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simplify clone process simulate evolved network  
North American State Mapping Template (formerly US State Mapping Template) A set of MapPoint templates to create maps of individual US State & County Maps
Size: 1.4 MB
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map template MapPoint  
Image Resize Utility Resize images from commandline
Size: 3.4 MB
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Converter convert image resize image resize resizer  
Clipboard Image Utility Edit the images saved in clipboard
Size: 4.3 MB
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editor clipboard screenshot capture clipboard  

Image Mapping Utility in tags

MapDesigner Pro Image mapping utility
Size: 726.56K
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image mapping mapping solution mapping Screen mapping  
Image Mapper Simple Image Mapping Utility
Size: 466 KB
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map mapper image Map Image image mapping mapping solution  
Map Designer Pro A powerful Image Mapping Utility.
Size: 1.1 MB
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design map html HTML editor map designer pap creator  
VisiMapperPro Lite VisiMapperPro is a Client Side Image Mapping Utility for web pages.
Size: 514 KB
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map image create map html image mapping html map  
Kafka Kafka is an image-morphing utility, supporting both advanced facial expression mapping and basic photo morphing
Size: 1.2 MB
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mapper morph morpher image mapping parameter morphing  
CyD Image Mapper CyD Image Mapper software was designed to be a visual image-mapping tool
Size: 1.05MB
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mapper image visual image tool Image Mapper  

Image Mapping Utility in description

Rotatable Image An Image control with rotation and custom mapping ability. The Rotatable Image Delphi Component is an image control with rotation and custom mapping ability. This component uses antialiasing to make i...
Size: 73 KB
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custom mapping creator image mapping image control  
Kafka Kafka is an Image-morphing utility, supporting both advanced facial expression mapping and basic photo morphing. Users load two different images, specify a set of correspondence points between the two...
Size: 1.2 MB
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mapper morph morpher image mapping parameter morphing  
Dozer Dozer supports simple property Mapping, complex type mapping, bi-directional mapping, implicit-explicit mapping and also recursive mapping. This includes mapping collection attributes that also need m...
Size: 166 KB
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map mapper bean library bean lines to bean  
Texture mapping Texture mapping was developed as a simple and small software that shows you how you can texture map an Image onto a polygon. You can see that only the "Texture Mapped Image" window can be dynamically ...
Size: 2 KB
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manipulate texture manipulate image image manipulation  
beanmapper beanmapper provides a convenient way of Mapping and converting one JavaBean to another. Under the hood it uses Jakarta Commons BeanUtils to dynamically copy properties. It facilitates copying of prope...
Size: 25 KB
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map mapper mapping solution mapping UV-mapping UV mapping  
NHibernate Mapping Generator The NHibernate Mapping Generator application was designed to be a simple utility to generate NHibernate mapping files and corresponding domain classes from existing DB tables.
Size: 736 KB
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generator generate Database Table NHibernate Support